Handouts and presentations: International Forum Glasgow 2019


EN1: Patient as Assessor of Safe Practices: Challenges and Benefits– Slides

EN3: Unlocking the Challenges to Patient Safety through Digitization – Slides

EN6: Values in Action, Shaping the culture in a health service using a social movement – Slides

EN7: Safety Reviews: Developing Something Extraordinary Using Something Quite Ordinary to Improve Quality of Care, Patient Experience and Staff Wellbeing – Slides

Keynote One: People make…it happen – Slides

A1: Leadership Models for Co-producing a Joyful Workforce – Hand out

A1: Leadership Models for Co-producing a Joyful Workforce – Slides

A2: Building a safer tomorrow – using measurement and predictive analytics to prevent harm– Slides

A3: Building effective care in the community – examples from rural populations– Slides

A4: How to move to a value based healthcare system – Slides

A6: Creative problem solving: how design can help – Slides

A7: A growth mindset for quality of care – Slides

B1: Empowering primary care to lead Quality Improvement – Slides

B2: Overcoming the challenge of medication error – Slides

B3: Getting your ideas out there: three perspectives on supporting effective scale – Handout

B3: Getting your ideas out there: three perspectives on supporting effective scale – Slides

B4: Living well with dementia – coproducing care for vulnerable patients– Slides

B5: Achieving equity in healthcare – Slides

B6: The Flow Coaching Academy programme: developing improvement coaching capability across the UK – Slides

C1: Using virtual collaboration methods to ignite the collective brilliance of people in healthcare – Slides

C2: Building a national patient safety programme– Slides

C3: Caring for older populations in the community through ceding power– Slides

C4: What makes “quality improvement” an “improvement science?” The “science’ matters– Slides

C5: Building conversations in leadership… with Lego!– Slides

C6: Brexit: what happens next?– Slides

C7: Patients, staff, citizens, institutions, communities, populations – improving health & care together– Slides

C8: Resilient healthcare: How to improve quality using insights from resilience and Safety II– Slides

Keynote Two: Henry Timms – Slides


BR2: Getting your QI work published – Slides

BR3: The 10 minute day start – Boost your patient safety and patient experience in 10 minutes per day! – Slides

BR5: Conversations in leadership through lego– Slides

Keynote Three: I have changed my mind – Slides

D1: Leadership Behaviors that Change Culture– Slides

D2: Co-production in mental health – giving patients back their power– Slides

D4: Optimising primary care in low and middle income countries– Slides

D5: Organisation wide Quality Improvement – two international perspectives – Slides

D6: Country showcase: Ireland and Portugal – Slides

D8: Engaged Physicians Transform Care – Slides

E1: Learning from error and adverse events using human factors training– Slides

E2: Inspiring tomorrow’s leaders – engaging junior doctors in quality improvement – Slides

E3: How to create healthcare that revolves around the patient, rather than the patient revolving around the system – Slides

E4: Integrating health and social care in drug recovery and getting people back in work – Slides

E5: How to create a better value healthcare system at national level – Slides

E6: Using patient feedback to lead improvement– Slides

E7: Taking Complex Interventions to Full Scale: Learnings from Across the Globe – Slides

E8: Using a Management System to Drive and Sustain Quality Results– Slides

F1: PACK – enabling population and public health – to achieve the principles of Alma Ata– Slides

F2: Safety improvement in mental health – Slides

F3: Whose improvement is it anyway? Putting the person into person-centred care – Slides

F4: The “F” Word!! – Learning from failure – Slides

F5: National approaches to sustain improvement North and South of the Irish Border – under threat from Brexit? – Slides

F6: Organising Learning Networks for leadership development and continued integration of quality improvement and innovation in a welfare system– Slides