D2: What’s next for QI? How we create new models for improvement

Wednesday 22 June 2022 | 11:00-12:15

Format: Presentation
Stream: Improvement Methods
Content filters: Responses to the covid-19 pandemic, Features discussion of improvement methodology

(Part A) Improving how we improve post-pandemic

This session will illustrate the range of ways in which healthcare providers and systems from different contexts across the world utilised quality improvement in responding to the covid-19 pandemic.

We will describe the range of methods and tools that were deployed during the pandemic response and illustrate how health systems were able to utilise and deploy their existing improvement capability.

From this, we will propose some theories about what we have learnt about quality improvement over the past year, and the opportunities that this presents for the way that we practise and apply quality improvement in the future.

Amar Shah, East London NHS Foundation Trust; England

Penny Pereira, The Health Foundation; England

(Part B) Methods for Scale-up and Spread: How to conceptualise and describe ‘interventions-in-systems’

This session will present a new method to help quality improvement teams describe their interventions to support scale up and spread. This method, first published in 2021, provides a structured approach to conceptualise ‘interventions-in-systems’. An exemplar multisite case study of comprehensive medical review implementation will be provided.

Julie E Reed, Halmstad University; Sweden