C4: Longing for integrated care:
the importance of governance and culture in building the steps for success

Tuesday 21 June 2022 | 15:00-16:00

Format: Presentation
Stream: Integrated care
Content filters: Co-presented with patients, service users or carers

Today, many countries are working to transform their health and care systems to a “closer care” model, both geographically and relationally. A care with more focus on preventive measures, the ability to work upstream, and one that works in collaboration between primary care centres, hospitals, other care facilities and social services. This cultural shift toward a more person centred care is strongly needed to increase the efficiency, as well as keeping the patient at the heart of the system by asking “what matters to you?”

Continuity in care contacts is emphasised as a factor for increased efficiency, as well as the care professionals’ ability to feel satisfaction at work. There is also a need to take advantage of the possibilities in digital healthcare solutions.

This integrated care approach has been adopted by decision-makers as well as patient representatives and professional associations, but are our governance systems ready for the transition? Are there built-in cultures in health and care that make it difficult to move from the traditional hospital-focused care to one which is focussed on integration and has a stronger primary care component? Join us to hear leading experts in the field give their own personal views on factors crucial to success.

Anna Nergårdh, Former Inquiry Chair for the Swedish Government; Sweden

Sara Riggare, Uppsala University; Sweden

Hugh McCaughey, NHS England and Improvement; England