A8: Integrated care: learning from the Swedish experience

Tuesday 21 June 2022 | 11:00-12:30

Format: Presentation
Stream: Integrated care

(Part A) It’s all about people – big scale transformation for integrated people-centred care

We will share experiences from our journey of working together as a region and community to create large-scale change by shifting from healthcare systems that focus on diagnoses to a system designed for people.

Anette Nilsson, Region Jönköping County; Sweden

Anneli Forsgren, Region Jönköping; Sweden

(Part B) Person-centred and integrated care – shifting to a system designed for humans

In this presentation, you´ll hear how we lead, support and monitor the transition towards a more integrated and person centered health and care system. Based on the Swedish movement, you will be asked to reflect upon how you can achieve a more integrated person centered care in your own organisation.

Lisbeth Löpare Johansson, The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SALAR); Sweden

Anette Nilsson, Region Jönköping County; Sweden

(Part C) Framing quality improvement – Empowerment to co-create a resourceful municipal health care

A reform has been underway since 2017 to create a sustainable health care system in which patients and their relatives feel that they are involved and confident, and in which employees choose to work. This presentation offers experiences to help develop and implement models to govern and define quality in municipal care.

Iréne Nilsson Carlsson, The National Board of Health and Welfare; Sweden

Hans Knutsson, Lund University School of Economics and Management; Sweden